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The Webtoon

I have completed the base colors for Chapter 1. All there is to do now is to shade it in! Above is a short art process video in the meantime.

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The Novel - Chapters Out Now!

I have decided to post some chapters of the Sooted Star novel itself online for anyone who wants to experience the written version of the story. The plus side to this is that chapters will come out much faster than the drawn chapters. You can read the novel for free here.

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Webtoon update: Chapter 1 is well on its way! I will post some process photos sometime this week. I predict that chapters will be uploaded to the webtoon site about every two or three weeks. The reason for this is so that I can simultaneously get the novel into better shape and start transferring it onto the computer (yes, I am writing the first draft of the novel in a journal).

Possible merch update: The images above are the beginning of a series of chibis of my Sooted Star characters. I hope to make them into tangible merch in the near future, such as stickers or acrylic charms. For the time being, I hope you will enjoy the drawing on its own!

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Hello everyone! So after several years of metaphorical fermenting, I have finally released some actual content for my biggest project to date, Sooted Star! It started off as a novel and is currently being transcribed into a webtoon. I won't post chapters of the novel online just yet, but I will be posting more of the webtoon occasionally so you may read it for free at your leisure.

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