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Brand New Commissions Site Section

If you've known me long enough as an artist, I've been taking commissions. However, I've updated my commission information quite a few times over the years. This time, I decided to sit down and really contemplate for a long time how I wanted to go about doing them. After some research and much-appreciated feedback, I now present my site's brand new Commissions section!

Within this section you can see:

  • An updated infographic about my commission prices

  • A Terms of Service page

  • A step-by-step How to Order page

  • A Commission Examples page

  • And last but not least, an official Commission Request Form you can fill out with what you want to order

Important to note regarding the price changes since the last update; my commissions are indeed more expensive. However, this is mainly because I want to loosely reflect the minimum wage in my current area of residence plus how long it generally takes for me to complete a painting. I hope this is understandable.

And by the way, since this commission update is a special event for me, all my commissions are 25% off until late September or early October (specific date TBD).

Thanks for reading. It means a great deal to me.

- Aber out

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