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New Year’s Letter & Commission Updates

Dearest Everyone, I hope you all have been staying safe during these difficult times. If this message reaches you, I just want to let you know that you are very much appreciated for sticking with me for however long you have.

As you may already know, I do lots of art stuff - visual arts, music, and writing to say the least. While it may appear on first sight to be unfocused and unrelated, my main goal throughout these endeavors is to complete a large project involving all of the mediums. It is to complete my novel, Sooted Star, and then apply it to various media such as a graphic novel, a film, or a video game, perhaps many other things.

You may wonder, “What exactly is the point of this novel? Why should I care?” I often wonder what the point of doing art-related stuff is, too, as life gradually becomes more difficult to handle. But in the end, I genuinely hope that Sooted Star can become a piece of media that inspires people to see the world as something able to be less divided than it is. We can work to understand other people and move towards less harmful views.

With its diverse cast of characters and a world-encapsulating (interdimensional) story about divided categories of people who can’t seem to reconcile, I want to make it a journey about shrinking such divides anywhere in the universe. What connects us? How can we acknowledge the differences between us while working towards equality, and if not, equity?

As I understand times are tough these days and the pandemic doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon, I don’t expect anyone to contribute actual money. But I will leave this information about commissions anyway, as I honestly do need a bit of money from willing people who are able to afford it. Perhaps if I get a decent amount of commissions, I will reveal some Sooted Star related content.

All the best to you~


Photo Content:

1. Jaecadin’s Art Commissions

2. Jaecadin’s Music Commissions

To commission or donate, click here.

To see more about Sooted Star, click here.

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