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"The World of Sooted Star" - Pages Now Live!

Atrius, a Sooted Star Realm resident

Ready for some substantial worldbuilding? Up now are pages dedicated to a world-building project I've been working on for years, titled Sooted Star. Ever since it started off as a seedling of a novel when I was around 14-years-old, it's grown substantially in terms of its characters, world structure, and ideas in general. I've reworked many parts of it over the years, starting and restarting the novel several times before resolving on a solid path. It's now got a full timeline and hundreds of pages of content.

Though I won't post parts of the novel on this website, I will post concepts belonging to the Sooted Star world on the live page called "The World of Sooted Star," which you may access through the tabs on the bar at the top of this website or down below linked in blue.

Many thanks! And happy worldbuilding.

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