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How to Order

Step 1

Fill out this form or email me through with a detailed description and

references of your character(s) and other subjects.

Step 2

I will reply to accept, reject, or clarify the details of your request first.

If accepted, I will provide an estimated time of completion and a quote.

Step 3

If you are comfortable with proceeding, confirm with me, and then I will send you the payment site and further instructions on what you will pay for and how.

Step 4

Go to the following payment site

(that I will also provide by direct message):


First (sketch) payment here 〈

Step 5

I will begin the sketch stage of your commission piece. When you give feedback, please make all of your significant changes during this stage as they will be free.


Step 6

Once you approve the sketch, I will send you the site again

with the rest of the payment made available to you.

You are free to discontinue the commission if you desire.


 Main (painting) payment here

Step 7

You will receive the next 2 updates in this order by default:

  • Stage 2: painting

  • Stage 3: rendering/detailing

Feedback is welcome at these stages, too, but any significant changes

may incur extra charges. I may provide more updates as needed.

Step 8

When the piece is finished, you will receive a low-resolution preview of it. You must approve of this final piece before I send you a full-resolution version of it.

Any extra charges here if needed 

Step 9

Once you approve the final low-resolution piece, I will send you a full-resolution version of it. Please provide any of your social media handles if you want to be tagged in your piece on my social media pages.

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