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August 2023 Creative Recap

Hello and happy end of August!

There aren't any completed visual art pieces this month, but I have a few works in progress you can view below:

All of them are related because they are concept art for the first few chapters of the Sooted Star novel.

  • Image 1: A map of our protagonist, Kiri's hometown called "Goldtown." It is a fictional town in a fictional version of the USA. It lies at the edge of a large expanse of grassy plains. It is known for its chicken farms, a local legend about someone disappearing through a portal, and not much else.

  • Image 2: Some concept art of what Kiri wears when we first meet her. She works part-time at a chicken farm (hardly surprising). I plan for the uniform shirt to be blue and the pants to be khaki.

  • Image 3: A logo for the chicken farm Kiri works at. It is meant to look as silly as possible and a large image of it is slapped on the back of Kiri's uniform. I plan to publish a little backstory about the origins of this logo on my ko-fi site for members fairly soon.

In other news, there's been some delay with putting out Sooted Star novel chapters on this website, but I have been posting to my ko-fi store on Mondays in the meantime. You can read them completely for free here! (With the option to leave a tip if you want).

In the meantime, I hope I can complete these art pieces and work on some new ones to coincide with future chapters.

I wish you all a wonderful September~


A. Jaecadin V.B.

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