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October Creative Recap and Happy NaNoWriMo November!

Hello! It's been a while since my last check-in. I'm here with some art updates from the past month.

~Update 1: Visual Arts~

I got out the good ol' pen and paper (well, actually pencil, oil pastels, and paper) and "went back to my artistic roots" as it were. I went more "abstract" than I normally do, using the inherent rawness of the traditional mediums to capture a moment of feeling rather than emphasizing the accuracy of the scene or the aspect of perfectionism I so very much love. With digital art, it's pleasant to use the tools that allow me to make things look pristine, but I like some good-quality time with traditional art mediums, too.

To me, the rawness seems especially true of the oil pastel. I didn't have many colors, so I threw it all to the wind and let the existing colors do the work. There's a lot you can do with limited resources but a will to use the imagination.

Meanwhile, the pencil drawing turned out as I thought it would- good in its own way and kinder to my desire for perfection. Better than the oil pastel? I can't say for sure.

~Update 2: Writing~

There's a reason I haven't been posting Sooted Star chapters lately. It's because I was preparing for that time of year again: National Novel Writing Month! (AKA NaNoWriMo). It happens every November, without fail, and it always sneaks up on me. The focus of this month is not to perfect chapters. It is to get a bunch of new ones down onto the page. That being said, I won't post any new chapters this month as I'll be focusing on NaNoWriMo.

Just a reminder that you can support me monetarily on my Ko-fi site with a tip or membership. You can also commission art from me here.

I hope all is well with you and I look forward to giving you my next update at the end of this month!


A. "Jaecadin" V.B.

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