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New Project Out Soon...?

Since I was a child, I dreamed of accomplishing many things. But there were three main ones that I wouldn't have traded for the world:

Write the novel.

Make it into a motion picture.

Compose music for it.

And that dream is closer than it ever has been. Even if it has been a slow process, I still move forward with a hope that I can create a story that can be told through multiple mediums of art, and become a wholesome portrayal of another dimension of reality.

And so, even just knowing that I'm moving forward, I believe something can come of it. I hope to share one of my biggest lifelong projects, starting with a novel, continuing with visuals, and certainly not ending with music, but also finding new ways to tell the story and working with people of other talents and expertise.

With this project, I hope to show the process of world-building, storytelling, and portrayals through visuals and sound. My biggest goals in the next few years are to have the first book done and an animatic with sound and music.

The title of this project will be announced soon.

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